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1800 Enterprise

TeleClock 1800 Enterprise is the perfect managed solution for organisations which need a telephone clocking solution

The TeleClock 1800 service is our hosted service which gives your organisation a secure IVR telephony infrastructure, paying monthly on a per call basis.

Employees can clock in and out from their work site or their client's home - ideal for remotely located community care and building services employees. Employees can enter allowance details, such as kilometres traveled and overnight stay, or care episodes, for each client or job worked. Employees can listen to Message of the Day voice messages.

Caller ID information provides validation that each employee is calling from an authorised telephone, and can restrict numbers employees can call from.

TeleClock 1800 Enterprise Series provides a hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system designed to turn any touch-tone telephone into a sophisticated workforce tracking system - ideal for organisations with employees who travel or work remotely.

TeleClock 1800 Enterprise Series offers A feature-rich alternative to all manual and electronic time clocks. A simple, accessible and reliable tool for employees to use a touch-tone phone to record their attendance, transfer between cost centres, listen to roster times or hours worked, llisten to company messages. A resource which can release your Payroll, Rostering, and Human Resource staff from the repetitive unproductive task of answering the same queries from employees, because these calls are now answered by a call to the TeleClock self-service system.

A fast setup time and a zero cost of ownership as organisations pay a per call fee for employees to access the TeleClock system, and the 1800 calling network eensures that your clients incur no call costs.